Neurons Keep Growing Inside the Human Brain

Neurons Keep Growing Inside the Human Brain

The growth of new cells in the memory segment of the human brain might help people recover from different kinds of problems. This can let people recover from serious issues like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder as well as delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. This can even help to deepen people’s understanding of epilepsy and also offer fresh insights into their memory and learning. If it does not happen, then it is a way how people happen to differ from rodents and birds.

A new study published in the journal, Nature Medicine suggests that the birth of new neurons is indeed possible. A senior author on the previous year’s Nature paper, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla has raised questions with regard to the existence of neurogenesis. He said that doubts raise in his mind, whether new neurons tend to develop in the hippocampus of the brain after the stage of a toddler. For decades, some researchers have maintained that the brain circuits of primates would get disrupted due to the growth of quite a substantial amount of new neurons. Arturo Alvarez-Buylla feels that the scientific debate related to the existence of neurogenesis must go on.

A whole lot of researchers have heaped praises on the new study. They have considered the study to be quite thoughtful and very carefully conducted. It has even confirmed that the new neurons manage to play a vital role that tends to connect all the pieces, which ultimately help to get rid of different problems for human beings. This phenomenon could not be applied to advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Still, there is hope that if researchers manage to act during early stages where mobility does not get compromised, then that could help slow down or even avoid some of the loss of brain plasticity.

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