The U.S. and Wisconsin See a Rise in Flu Cases Late In the Season

The U.S. and Wisconsin See a Rise in Flu Cases Late In the Season

On Monday, the state health department has come up with a statement that most of the US and Wisconsin are getting to experience a wave of flu cases late in the season for the second time. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services said that there is an increasing number of those instances, which also involve a strain of the influenza virus, which this particular season’s vaccine is totally ineffective against. As per the health department, the flu season in Wisconsin is yet to hit the highest level.

The map of causes related to flu all over the country, from the CDC, shows that the virus happened to be quite widespread all over the United States through 16th March. In Wisconsin, a major part of the state managed to experience high instances of illness linked with flu through 16th March. The south-eastern region of the state happened to be Wisconsin’s only region that lies below the baseline through the date of March 16. The state even mentioned that the flu has resulted in the hospitalization of 390 people in the week ending on March 16. This flu has led to the death of one person in Wisconsin in the period between 1st October 2018 and 16th March 2019.

The health department has specified the symptoms of the virus, which get spread either through infected people or through objects that they might have touched. They include fever, headaches, body pains, sore throat, tiredness, congested nose etc. This virus is particularly quite dangerous for all those who are more than 65 years old, pregnant women or suffer from medical conditions like diabetes or kidney disease. Infected people must avoid going out for a minimum of 24 hours after their fever goes away without any medicine.

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