Verbal Attack from the U.S. has Very Little Impact on the Sales of Huawei

Verbal Attack from the U.S. has Very Little Impact on the Sales of Huawei

The campaign of the United States against the Huawei from China has very little effect on the sales of the organization. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that a number of countries would follow the path of the United States and ban Huawei from building up mobile networks of the next generation. Eric Xu had attended an interview at the headquarters of Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen.  He said that in recent times, the company has seen quite a large number of countries taking their own decisions.

Australia has imposed a ban on Huawei from 5G networks, over concerns related to the security. On the other hand, countries under the European Union, like France and Germany indicated that they would probably not pay heed to the call from the US. Thus, they would not ignore the telecom giant completely. Eric Xu has even confirmed that the revenue of Huawei has risen 36 percent over the first couple of months in 2019. The company was all set for an annual hike of 15 percent to reach the level of $125 billion. This underlines the strength that it has in smartphones business along with the sales of communications networks and computing. Huawei has always received criticism from the United States due to worries that the company’s equipment might be used by Beijing as a spy.

Huawei happens to be the top producer of telecoms equipment and the second-largest maker of smartphones. On Friday, they would report their financial results for the year 2018 at a press briefing. It would be attended by more than a hundred journalists. This is a lot more compared to what it was in previous years. Eric Xu even said that the United States must be credited for creating advertisements for Huawei.

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