ToeJam and Earl Can Be Considered More As a Diet Coke than Fine Wine

ToeJam and Earl Can Be Considered More As a Diet Coke than Fine Wine

ToeJam & Earl has always been a game, where no one really needed to fight over one controller. It is quite cooperative in nature. Though memories of this game played previously are mostly found for most of the people, the sequels that have released over the next ten years managed to go unnoticed. This is why people have been on the lookout for the version, ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove. It is basically a homage to the classic of the 1990s, which had managed to secure initial funding on Kick-starter in the year 2015.

Before playing back in the Groove, people managed to actively avoid doing any kind of research. They would go through the usual thrust of the reboot a few years before. Obviously, no one really wanted to set any kind of expectations through their revisit to the original. People were happy when they managed to boot it up on their Switch for the very first time. The color, which were quite outrageous along with the high-quality soundtrack of the menu screen had instantly taken people back to the early 90s. Game fanatics derived immense pleasure out of exploring the early levels. Extremely funky, bass-guitar heavy rhythms had managed to hum away in the background.

The best thing about Back in the Groove is that it had preserved the secret level, Level O from their original game. There is one hidden region on the first stage, which gamers can fall through to get to the level. ToeJam and Earl might still manage to go back to their previous antics and with it, the risk connected to reboots also looms large. So, it is quite evident that the game has not managed to become better with the passage of time.

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