Sony has disabled some of the best features of the PlayStation 5 by default. It’s understandable since not everyone needs them, but we think having them enabled can make for a better gaming experience. These features include remotely accessing your console, automatically logging into your profile, outputting 3D audio to your TV’s speakers, and using voice commands.

Here are seven features you need to enable on your PlayStation 5.

1. Enable Remote Play

As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer that supports the PlayStation Remote Play app, you can access your PS5 anywhere you have the Internet. Once you’ve connected to your console remotely, you can play games or start or resume downloads.

However, before you can use the Remote Play feature on your console, you’ll need to enable it. To do so, please refer to our guide on setting up and using Remote Play on PlayStation 5.

2. Enable Automatic Login

Are you tired of selecting your profile every time you turn on your PlayStation 5? If so, you can make it so that your profile is automatically selected every time you turn on the console. All you have to do is enable automatic login.

If you’re the only one who uses the PS5 or uses it the most, this is a great option to enable. However, keep in mind that if you share a console and someone enables automatic login on their profile, it will disable it on your profile and select theirs as the default sign-in option.

3. Set Your Game Preset

Before you start playing a game, there are probably a few things you’d like to set to customize your experience, including difficulty, graphics mode (display or resolution), or subtitles. Instead of having to manually change these settings for every game, your PS5 allows you to set some of them at once via game presets. Then, the console applies them to all your games.

To set up game presets on your PS5, please read our guide on choosing default game settings across all PS5 games.

4. Add More Controls to Control Center

You can easily bring up Control Center on your PS5, whether you’re playing a game or on the dashboard, to quickly access a number of features. If the controls on Control Center aren’t what you need, you can add more.

In the Control Center customization screen, the icons along the line are the active controls. Below that are the hidden ones you haven’t added yet. To add a control, press the Down button to access the hidden controls, highlight the one you want, and then press the X button to select it.

To remove a control, do the reverse of steps four and fiveā€”move the control from the active list down to the hidden one.

5. Enable 3D Audio for Your TV’s Speakers

You don’t need a pair of fancy headsets to enjoy the PlayStation 5’s 3D audio feature. 3D audio allows you to tell which direction a sound is coming from, which can, for example, help you know where a threat is coming from in a game that implements it. Thankfully, you can enable 3D audio to come out of your TV’s speakers as well.

You’ll see a pop-up saying that the console wants to measure your room acoustics using the TV’s speakers and the DualSense’s microphone. Select Start Measurement and then follow the instructions to perform the test.

Once the measurement is complete, you should now have 3D audio coming out of your TV’s speakers.

6. Enable Voice Commands

If you have set the region of your PSN account to US or UK, you can enable voice commands. This will allow you to use your voice to access certain features of the PS5 by speaking into the built-in microphone on the DualSense controller or headset.

While you can’t do everything via voice command, you can do simple things like launch games and apps, access your settings, and play media. To turn this on please read our guide on how to enable voice commands on PS5.

7. Enable Easy Screenshot or Easy Video Clip

If you want to change the behavior of the Create button to make it easier to take a screenshot or video clip, you can enable Easy Screenshot or Easy Video Clip.

Now the actions of the Create button will change. For example, if you selected Easy Screenshot, pressing the Create button will take a screenshot immediately instead of bringing up the Create controls. Then you have to press and hold the Create button to bring out those controls.

Unlock the Best Hidden Features on Your PlayStation 5

We hope we have helped you unlock some awesome hidden features of the PS5. While some like voice commands and automatic login make the console convenient to use, others like game presets and 3D audio can enhance your enjoyment of games.

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