Instagram users who notice a sudden decrease in their post views and engagement may wonder if they have been shadowbanned. Luckily, Instagram has introduced a tool that will tell you if your account is no longer being recommended on the User Explore page.

How to Check If Instagram Has Restricted Access to Your Account

In this case, shadowbanning means that access to your account is limited. In the case of Instagram, it will stop showing your content in recommendations if you have violated the platform’s terms of service.

There are a few things that can get you shadowbanned on Instagram, including spam and inappropriate content. But Instagram has introduced a tool to make this restriction more transparent.

This tool is available in the same account area where you can check if you have posts that have been removed.

So if you suspect that your account’s access is being limited, here’s how you can check if you’ve definitely been shadowbanned by Instagram.

On the Account Status page, you will be able to see if you posted anything that affects your access to Instagram. If you posted something that violates the Community Guidelines or the Company’s Recommendation Guidelines, Instagram will show you a list of related posts. You can choose to edit or delete the post, or appeal the decision with Instagram.

Get Clear Answers on Instagram Shadowbanning

The Account Status Transparency tool gives you clear answers about whether your access is being limited on Instagram. This means that you can get a clear answer on if your account is being banned, as well as why.

Do you suspect that someone you recently had a fight with has blocked you on Instagram? Instagram doesn’t allow you to see a list of people who have blocked you by default. In fact, the platform won’t even notify you when someone blocks you.

However, there are a few methods that you can use to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram. We will discuss seven of them in this article.

If you broke up with a real-life friendship or relationship, the other person may have blocked you too so they can move on.

Am I blocked on Instagram?

So, how do you know if someone you know has blocked you on Instagram? Below are seven methods you can try.

If you search for someone’s username or Instagram handle in the Instagram search bar, you will not see their account if they have blocked you.

If you are not blocked, you will be able to see their profile and all their posts. If they changed their profile from public to private, you’ll see this message: “This account is private.”

If the profile doesn’t show up on a search, the person has either deactivated their account or blocked you.

Remember, though, that people can change their username on Instagram. So, there’s a possibility that the person you’re looking for did it instead.

2. Search through your profile

If you’ve been blocked, you can’t comment on that person’s posts or send them direct messages. However, your previous comments and conversations don’t disappear. So, if you remember commenting on one of his posts or exchanging conversations via DM, open it and visit his profile.

If you see their profile that doesn’t have any recent posts, you’ve probably been blocked. Since you can find out if someone has changed their username this way, if their changed name doesn’t appear in the search bar, you’re sure to be blocked.

3. Use Instagram Unique Profile Link

Upon setting up your Instagram account, you are assigned a unique URL that includes your username.

Replacing the username in the profile link with the account handle of the person you suspect should lead you to their account—if it exists.

If you open Instagram in your browser and search for their profile with the direct link, you will either see their profile directly, or the message: “Sorry, this page is not available.”

To confirm whether the account exists, log out of Instagram and search for the same URL in a new tab. You will see the same message if the account has been deactivated. If you view their profile this time, though, they’ve blocked you.

When someone changes their username, the URL name also changes automatically. So, if they have changed their username recently, this method will not help you find their profile.

4. Check with another Instagram account

You can check with other Instagram accounts to see if the account you think blocked you exists.

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