Because the Nintendo Switch is a handheld console, it can get a little dirty over time. Its portable nature opens the door for you to take it outside with you when you go to cut some grass.

And although we know we shouldn’t, everyone snacks a little every now and then. Even if you treat your console with the utmost care, our hands are covered in grease that builds up on your system over time.

However your Nintendo Switch has gotten its shit, it’s there now. And you’re probably wondering how to get it off safely.

What do I use to safely clean my Nintendo Switch?

There’s a wrong way to clean your Nintendo Switch. These systems are tough, but if you use the wrong methods or products, you can do some serious and irreparable damage to them. However, it is extremely easy to safely clean your Nintendo Switch. You just need to know the right techniques.

The products you should use to clean your Nintendo Switch are rubbing alcohol, a terrycloth or microfiber cloth, and a Q-Tip. It is extremely important that you do not bring any soap or water anywhere near your console. Soap and water are fantastic for cleaning many things, but electronics are not one of them.

Once you have gathered your products, you are ready to get started.

How to clean your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

The Joy-Cons are likely the dirtiest part of your Nintendo Switch because they are in constant contact with your hands. So, they’re a good place to start. Remove the Joy-Cons from your system and put your Switch to the side.

Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to your fabric. It’s important to apply the alcohol to the cloth and not directly to the Joy-Con. Spraying or pouring liquid directly onto your Joy-Cons is impossible and can easily make its way between the buttons and into your controller.

For the same reason it is also important not to soak your clothes with alcohol. If there’s too much on the fabric, it can drip down between your buttons and make its way inside your controller to do some serious damage. The goal is to make your cloth damp but not wet.

Rub your damp cloth over the surface of your Joy-Cons to remove any grease and dirt that may be present. Once you get to the joystick, push the cloth down and around it to make sure the area is clean. You can also use a Q-Tip for greater precision when cleaning around the joystick.

Dirt around your joystick can cause it to drift, so when looking for ways to fix drift on your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, cleaning this area should be your first point.

How to clean your Nintendo Switch console

Now that your Joy-Cons are clean, you can move on to the Switch itself. Start by making sure that it is off or in sleep mode. Add more alcohol to the cloth to moisten it, if needed. Rub your cloth over the surface of the system.

If you don’t have a screen protector, be extra careful when cleaning the screen so you don’t scratch its surface.

There are two areas of your Nintendo Switch console that you’ll want to make sure to cover. Those areas are the intake and output for the fan. Dust can be drawn into your console and accumulate in the fan. This can reduce its efficiency, and your console may start to overheat.

A clogged fan is one of the biggest reasons why the PS5 overheats as well. So cleaning them is one of the first things you should do when trying to stop your PS5 from overheating. Same applies here.

The fan intake is located on the back of your Switch near the bottom. You will see two grates there. If there is any dust on those grates, wipe it off with your cloth.

The fan output is a vent on the top of your system next to the compartment where you put your games. Make sure it is also clean of any dust or dirt.

Give your Nintendo Switch a long and happy life

Now your Nintendo Switch should be as good as new and ready for another gaming session!

Follow these steps regularly to ensure that your console always stays clean and will greatly improve the longevity of your Switch, so you can keep gaming for years to come.

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