Every day, your phone accumulates pictures from everywhere. From memes of friends on messaging apps to the personal memories you’re shooting with your phone’s camera, to screenshots to trigger conversations on social media, images are taking up a lot of space on your device.

Managing hundreds of these files can be a cumbersome task. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be with the right equipment. So, let’s look at some of the best Android apps for photo management and organization.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is the most popular photo management tool and comes pre-installed on most modern Android phones. It has both manual and AI-based features to organize your images. Its powerful AI gives suggestions to manage your gallery. For example, it can automatically create albums, recaps of memories from a specific year, photo collages, and more.

Google Photos also makes it very easy to search for photos. You can search for objects such as a person, cat, document, etc. Best of all, you don’t even need to manually assign these tags to your photos—it’s all automatic.

With its AI-based face recognition technology, Google Photos creates albums for the people in your photos. You can name each person in the app to find them easily in the future. Google Photos also has a Shared Albums feature that allows you to exchange images with your friends and family.

The best part is that all these features are available for free. You don’t need to subscribe to organize and manage your photos.

2. A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery is a lightweight photo organizer that allows you to manage your gallery by year, month or day. It lets you connect to your cloud storage account like Dropbox to view your online albums and photos.

You can easily manage your albums from the Album menu. Plus, there’s an option to pin your favorite albums and easily hide or rename them. You can also search for images through the color-based search feature.

The app has a Secure Vault feature that allows you to hide your photos in a secure virtual vault to keep them safe from unauthorized access. Furthermore, the Recycle Bin feature helps you recover photos if you accidentally delete some.

A+ Gallery allows you to share photos or albums on various social media and messaging apps. And luckily, it’s free to download and offers all its basic features for free. However, some premium features are available, such as extended cloud storage.

3. F Stop Gallery

F Stop Gallery is a feature-rich photo management app with tons of useful features.

It has a bookmark feature that allows you to add an image or album to the bookmark list so that you can easily find it later instead of having to browse the phone gallery again. You can add tags to your images to enable convenient searches using keywords. It also lets you rate your images so you can filter photos based on highest to lowest rating and vice versa.

F Stop Gallery allows you to add your photos and albums to a secure folder, and it also works with cloud storage services.

The app offers all its basic photo organizing features for free. However, to enhance your experience, you can access the paid version for advanced features such as nested folders, unlimited bookmarks, custom sorting, recycle bin, nested albums, themes, smart albums, and much more.

4. Picture Gallery

Pictures is a minimal photo management app with a beautiful design. It’s a lightweight yet feature-rich app that provides all the tools you need to organize your photos. Like F Stop Gallery, it has a bookmark feature, and you can even add tags to your images to make them easier to find via search.

With its sleek design, you can easily navigate between albums, bookmarks and folders. You can also filter images by places, dates or tags. Furthermore, its calendar view enables you to manage photos by month and date.

Pictures supports Recycle Bin to recover deleted photos. It has an Album Settings feature that allows you to manage your albums, helping you easily identify and group your images. While most of the features are available for free, there are some paid ones as well.

5. Scene

Views is a minimalist photo viewer and organizer that offers some solid features to effectively manage your photos and albums. It features a clean distraction-free design that helps you stay focused.

The app has a calendar view that lets you select a month and date to find all photos taken at the same time. It has a designated organize feature that lets you drag and drop images into albums. You can select multiple images at once and drag them all at once. Furthermore, it also allows you to hide photos from your gallery for privacy purposes.

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